DragonDropLand, capital of the SideSlipped Worlds, a lost galaxy, & ruled by the Graaayt Nhaaanhu.
This s the fantasy world I created to entertain the young'uns.
my old site,www.dragondropland.com, is still up.

1 day I'll write the real story of how all this fantasy world came out of my needs & how online eye candy, which I too create, brought my mind & some lost talents back.
It happened 1 night in a penthouse, drinking champagne & gal chatting &, again, saying "good bye'.

Polyvore and it's "create" code & "clipper" are what I tried to do in the 90's but didn't have the correct programmer & a dedicated server at my disposal.

one day, I'll make the game (with major tech help, of course....wish I was that smart!)  & then we'll see how many like my visuals & story line.

I invited some Polyvore friends to a soiree at my mansion in the sunny climes of DragonDropLand....below is the photo album & pictures ofmy mansion's rooms

an imaginary event for some Polyvoreans

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