scattered moments in my life

Jingle Bell Jam 12.22.13
Me singing at Monsignor Murphy's with Lonnie Parlor, Bobbie Dogan & Chuckie

me, the Lady D Ann on the Lady D Ann, my commercial fishing boat off which we fished 10, 000,000 traps, most of them stone crab,for the Cubans in Marathon Key, Florida from '82 to the end of '86

Pat Boone, an ex of larry King, and someone who's name I've forgotten.. 1998

Debby Reynolds & me,I sang at her hotel in a show for her 65th Bday
the most famous Playmate of the '60's ,me,lil bro & Vincent the Viking on my 35th
5 generations of us
dad, me at 13, my GF, Joyce, mom and my lil bro
Christopher, do the site) & me at the Limelight 25th reunion
me,Rita Rudner and I forget her name at a charity event where I did the decor
me & the crew at the French Toast Revue for Carl Stone at Pheasant Run in '65 (before I went to Marilyn Miglin's and learned model's makeup

me on Rodeo Drive in '86
me at the Beverly Wilshire in '86

Sean Young & I in Veags, New Years Eve 2000

Alice Cooper & I at a major event in Scottsdale in '92

Ben Vereen & I at an event in'96
Sonny King, me & Laurie Brady at 2 Jacks ...his last performance there &, again, I get a call to come in & sing as he couldn't carry a full set.

sang in with Chuck Berry when I was 16, 1959 at the Mogambo Show Lounge in Roseland (in those days it was known as a "bucket of blood).
dated older boys & the drinking age was 18 which I could pass for since I was 12, so, there I was in my Bday white Ford Falcon with some crew & I sang "lil red wagon" (didn't realize what the lil red wagon refered to 'till much later, duuhh, another dumb blonde...LOL!) with the man then did some R & R blues. It was great!!

me as a Gaslight girl '65 & '66

Burton Browne, The Ace Of Clubs 1970 from Charles Lange on Vimeo.
Burton Browne with Marija back in the day ...I worked there in '65 & '66 & sang a bit on the Playboy circuit 'till the second husband, the Italian, decided he needed me as his "trophy" and married me in a hurry & ended my singing career then. I had 3 lil ones, 1 brain damaged, and the Detroit boys that wanted me to be another Streisand were way too scary!!

REALITY in spades!